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P.C.A.R.D Banks
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P.A.C.S Banks
All over Karnataka

Client Description

Bharat Electronics Ltd, Bangalore

Lower Power Equipment’s. (Total Barcode Solutions) Electronic Data Processing. (Time & Attendance System AMC, Barcode Solutions) Transport Routing. (Computerization of transport routing department & time manger) (Barcode Solutions) Electrical Estate Maintenance. (Electrical Consumption Bill verification software) Communication Department. (Digital Alarm control equipment's) Project & consultancy (Systems integration, software solutions, Smart Card & Barcode Solutions)

Bharat Electronics Ltd, Chennai

Smart card based Attendance and Access control system with monthly attendance software development and readers installation and networking for about 600 employees.

Ordinance Factory, Ishapore (West Bengal). Ministry of Defence

Smart card and Biometric based Attendance and Access control system for about 5,500 employees (software development for attendance and access control with Monthly Pay-roll).

Ordinance Factory, Medhak, Andhra Pradesh, Ministry of defence

Smart card and Biometric based Attendance and Access control system for about 4,000 employees (in the capacity of software /hardware consulting)

North East Frontier Railways at New Jalpaiguri & Katihar, West Bengal

Software development for Train timetable display on LED and LCD based display boards with multi-lingual facility.

Karnataka Public Service Commission , Bangalore

Total Barcode Solutions with Equipments & application software solutions for answer script evaluation (replacing the Manual system).

Bharat Earth Movers Ltd., Bangalore

Payroll (Time & Attendance System AMC)

Administrative Training Institute

Total Barcode solutions for library automation.

Karnataka State Primary Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks

Total Banking Software in Kannada with Computers and networking. Implemented at more than 80 Banks in Karnataka

National Center for Management Development in Agriculture and Rural Development Banking, Bangalore

Accounting Software Package Computers and networking

Awards & Software


Samrudhi, the Rural Banking software functional in more than 80 P.C.A.R.D Banks all over Karnataka. Provides total automation of the Banking administration. This Package includes both Online Automation and Online Support.